Alps and Commsignia form partnership to offer automotive-grade V2X technology

Tokyo, Japan and Santa Clara, CA

Commsignia, Inc., a leading V2X solution provider has formed an alliance with Alps Electric Co., Ltd., a leading supplier of wireless modules to accelerate V2X deployment with joint value proposition.

As part of the alliance Commsignia offers to deliver automotive-grade software solution to support all current and future generations of Alps hardware modules with complete V2X software stack, security and ADAS safety applications. As a result of this cooperation Alps will have the ability to improve time to market by being able to offer a full vertical solution to its customers on a global scale.

“We are very proud of partnering with such a top-quality industry pioneer as Alps. It is always hard to evaluate something you cannot see. V2X technology will be at the heart of all cars and will be the cornerstone of cooperative decisions made by drivers and driverless cars all around the world. With this cooperation, our customers can immediately see and experience the maturity and quality of the products offered by both Alps and Commsignia”– said Jozsef Kovacs, Commsignia CEO.

“We are very delighted to announce our partnership with Commsignia, a global leading company of the V2X technology. The innovative solution from Commsignia is very advanced and mature, thus we are pleased to have a close relationship with the team.” – said Junji Takahashi, Senior Manager of Wireless Connectivity Engineering Department M6 at Alps. “We look forward to continue our cooperation with the Commsignia team on contributing to the world of smart and safety-enhanced vehicles.”



About V2X

Cars today are computers on four wheels, experiencing the world through sensors and data. Even though vehicles are becoming smarter and eventually fully autonomous, there are shortcomings in today’s technology, which cost lives and make everyday traffic more difficult. Commsignia contributes to this ecosystem by enabling cooperation through Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) wireless communication. By connecting vehicles with each other and the smart city infrastructure, it is possible to foresee an accident from miles away, alert pedestrians to danger or enable vehicles to keep up with the green wave when traveling through downtown.


About Commsignia

Commsignia, Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up with European roots, recently closed its next investment round, which enabled the company to strengthen its presence throughout the US. Commsignia specializes in Connected Car / V2X hardware and software solutions to ADAS systems with a mission to increase traffic safety and efficiency on the road. Dedicated to the research and development of car connectivity systems for innovative car makers, the company aims to create the world’s first connectivity platform that integrates Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) applications with everyday technologies from tablets and phones to smart homes. The product line of Commsignia includes a V2X Communication Software Stack including Commsignia’s own security stack implementation, Hybrid V2X/ADAS Safety Applications, a V2X Simulator, On Board Units (OBU) and Roadside Units (RSU), all developed with flexibility, reliability and security in mind. The hardware- and platform-agnostic solutions compatible with multiple Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) make Commsignia the most dynamic and rapidly growing V2X provider on the market. V2X communication is performed with various radio technologies, including 802.11p, 4G/LTE and the upcoming 5G, depending on implemented use cases, preferred standards of the geographic region and customer segment preferences as well. Commsignia is global leader in using all available technologies to meet ever increasing feature, flexibility and quality demands of the customers. For more information, visit


About Alps

ALPS Electric (Tokyo: 6770) is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality electronic components for mobile devices, home electronics, vehicles and industrial equipment. With the philosophy of “Perfecting the Art of Electronics” ALPS Electric supplies over 40,000 different components to about 2,000 companies all over the world. For more information, visit

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