Commsignia participates in H2020 SAFER-LC to improve the safety of level crossings using collaborative V2X technology

Budapest, Hungary, 22nd June 2017- 606 persons were killed or seriously injured in EU-28 at railway level crossing incidents in 2015, according to Eurostat, This represents almost 35% of all accidental casualties.

Reducing hazards and increasing traffic safety at railway crossings involving road and rail vehicles is, therefore, a key focus area for safe and sustainable transportation.

With the development of highly automated and autonomous transportation systems, safety and security must be an integral part of any project from the design phase. 

The H2020 SAFER-LC project aims to develop new technologies to improve safety and minimise risks at railway crossings by a set of innovative solutions and tools for the proactive management and design of level-crossing infrastructure. The project will focus both on technical solutions, such as smart detection services and advanced communication systems as well as on human processes to adapt infrastructure design to end-users and to enhance coordination and cooperation between users (vehicles, trains, pedestrians). Furthermore, the project will also contribute to the development and amendment of relevant standards.

“The advent of self-driving cars, railway crossings pose a safety challenge that cannot be overlooked. Without extending connected cars’ ability to see beyond line-of-sight and field-of-view with enhanced accuracy, the approach and passing of railway crossings by autonomous vehicles could be a dangerous manoeuvre – at least it could result in unnecessary traffic slow down or even end up traffic jams” –  stated Dr. András Edelmayer, Head of Research and Scientific Affairs at Commsignia.

Modern vehicles are becoming increasingly capable of establishing connectivity for the exchange of information between vehicles (V2V) and between vehicles and road infrastructure units (V2I) – together referred to as V2X or Car2X. The so-called ‘connected-vehicles’ paradigm can bring about an enormous potential for safer transportation. However, the safety management at level crossings calls for disruptive new technology and detection solutions, capable of extending the cooperative functionality of C2X systems to support the avoidance of dangerous traffic situations in real-time. Cooperative perception is the name of a new technology for the exchange of data from a vehicle’s sensors with other vehicles or infrastructure via V2X that enhances the event resolution and perception range of a vehicle. This capability can provide oncoming traffic information beyond line-of-sight and field-of-view with enhanced accuracy which enables better control of both driven and self-driving vehicles. Cooperative perception techniques together with Commsignia’s market leading V2X sensor fusion technology provides better situation awareness, improves visibility of both road and rail vehicles resulting in a preemptive safety enhancement for rail crossings. Novel methods for information exchange between road and rail vehicles are among the many innovative solutions developed by the project.

“SAFER LC takes an exemplary approach in this respect, since it stresses the need for the rail and road systems to share information and data so that each party can manage disruptions caused by the other in optimum fashion: this balance should be emphasized” –  said Jean-Pierre Loubinoux, UIC General Director in its welcoming speech at the project kick-off on 11th of May in Paris.

The total budget of 4.9 million Euros is funded by the European Commission, and brings together 17 partners of industrial, academic and SME background from 10 different European countries (and one Associated) to contribute their expertise to the vision of zero fatalities at road-rail intersections.
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