Here’s the technology that will make cars 5 stars rated

NCAP has always successfully motivated the car industry to introduce new safety features such as automatic emergency braking and whiplash protection. Now its focus is on vehicle-to-everything, V2X communication, which allows vehicles to communicate with each other and the infrastructure to warn drivers about possible dangers.

Published February 24, 2021

According to NCAP’s public roadmap, V2X features will be necessary to get a top rating for a new car after 2024. This is something all manufacturers need to keep in mind because customers seem to consider safety features important.

Most people buy a top rated model.

Industry talks have begun and Commsignia is participating in it. No worries, we are on time, NCAP pointed out that work with V2X needs to start in 2021. This joint effort guarantees that car manufacturers and suppliers can prepare for clear and uniformly supported requirements. 

Some manufacturers have already taken action with V2X. A well known example is the VW Golf 8, which is using Dedicated Short-range Communication (DSRC, ETSI ITS-G5) signals to send warnings about events on the road.

Secure and low-latency communication of vehicles can cover situations where other ADAS solutions don’t work.

We believe that an accident-free and highly optimized transportation system can not be achieved without V2X. V2X messages warn drivers about construction zones with a temporary speed limit, local hazards, nearby accidents or approaching emergency vehicles. V2X also makes it easier to adjust speed to the traffic lights and road conditions.

Our mission is to support the automotive industry in its journey towards this goal with our deep knowledge of V2X, so carmakers can develop advanced safety features.

What’s your take on the future of V2X and vehicle safety?