Transit Signal Priority

Getting things done is not just a productivity method for office workers, it’s also the way transport works. Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) is the best technology to make the most out of road capacity and prioritize certain tasks.

V2X provides two-way communication between vehicles and intelligent transportation systems on a dedicated channel to enable advanced traffic services. Normal vehicles benefit from receiving lane-by-lane information on the status of traffic lights. Authorized vehicles can do more than that, they can request a green light to move through intersections quickly.

When you add up the seconds that vehicles do not spend waiting at traffic lights, the gains in travel time and reduced fuel consumption are significant.

Transit Signal Priority has obvious benefits for emergency services because every second counts in saving lives. For other public services, such as garbage collection and snow removal, getting the job done quickly means less disruption to traffic. Snow removal is also a life-saving effort as more drivers can enjoy improved road conditions. When it comes to public transport, bus priority supports important public welfare initiatives.

Bus lanes give priority to public transport along the entire length of the road – where there is space and money to build them. TSP provides a priority at intersections, and the necessary equipment is much easier and cheaper to install.

V2X helps reduce congestion, increases equality in transport, and active forms of mobility can be integrated into the feeder network, which contributes to better air quality.
V2X helps reduce congestion, increases equality in transport, and active forms of mobility can be integrated into the feeder network, which contributes to better air quality.

Planning for the future

V2X technology is technically superior to legacy optical TSP systems, as it doesn’t require line of sight, and it operates in snow and rain on a radio frequency dedicated to road safety. But that is not the most important thing. V2X brings a revolutionary transformation to traffic management, allowing Infrastructure Owners and Operators to improve overall traffic conditions and pay special attention to the needs of the public, including reliable public transport and outstanding emergency services.

V2X will also be deployed on cars and bicycles. The popularity and rapid spread of V2X ensures that once you install a V2X roadside unit, it can be used in multiple ways to exploit its full potential with additional advanced services. Road managers can even see and analyze traffic based on the information they receive from connected vehicles. That’s the power of V2X.

Commsignia is the largest V2X-focused company and a key member of global organizations working to standardize the technology. We provide hardware and software, including our own security stack, and professional services to cities, road operators, carmakers and bicycle OEMs to help build up the global connected vehicle ecosystem in which every road user benefits from V2X technologies

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Denver chose V2X to move snow plows faster

In the mountainous state of Colorado, clearing snow-covered roads is one of the toughest challenges – in the state capital, the white blanket can sometimes be as thick as 50 inches.

Denver has sought to improve the situation with advanced vehicle-to-everywhere (V2X) technologies. They worked with Commsignia to build V2X coverage, so V2X-capable snow plows can request free passage at intersections, allowing trucks to clear roads with minimal disruption to traffic.

In Denver, more than 100 intersections are now covered with Commsignia’s Roadside Units (RSUs) to provide Traffic Signal Priority (TSP) services.