Chief Product Officer

Komarica arrives from ITS giant Kapsch TrafficCom where he spent more than 15 years defining and developing the ETC and ITS business and customer tailored solutions, in Europe, Asia Pacific, USA and South America. In his professional career, he worked in different roles within Kapsch TrafficCom globally, from an ITS supplier perspective as well as from an ITS road operator side, ASFINAG, a highly innovative road operator in Europe. Most recently he oversaw the role of Vice President of Product Management and System Engineering. During these years, he was engaged in numerous mid to large size national and international projects, globally. This includes research projects, R&D projects, customer delivery projects, government project, PPP projects, technology standardization projects, and more. 

He gained global experience in product management, focusing on smart city and V2X products, and brings in extensive domain knowledge of the technology and the market. He is a graduate of the University of Applied Science in Wiener Neustadt. 

In his new role, he will oversee the product development and management at Commsignia, managing Product and Research business units.