Commsignia develops end-to-end V2X solutions to enable the latest smart city deployments and autonomous vehicle functions with its state-of-the-art sensor data sharing middleware and applications. We supply OBU and RSU systems as well as OEM integrated software to support functions related to V2X Connectivity, Security and Applications helping build the next generation of autonomous vehicles and smart mobility ecosystems that will make driving safer while reducing congestion and lowering emissions.

Our most popular apps

Emergency vehicle warning
Prepares you to give way to an approaching emergency vehicle before you could realize its presence.
Traffic jam
Allows you to make decisions based on localized driving conditions.
Stationary vehicle
Informs you about a stationary vehicle on the roadside before you could actually see it to eliminate the risk of accidents.
Adverse weather
Receive warning from other cars automatically about changed weather conditions, such as slippery road, heavy fog.
Motorcycle approaching
Notifies you about a passing motorcycle to save you from facing an unexpected situation where human reaction time would be too long to avoid an accident.
Speed advice
Gives you a speed estimate you are advised to follow in order to catch the next green traffic light.
In-vehicle information
Shows you the nearby road signs or roadwork warnings making it easier to recognize them as they appear without distracting you.
Intersection priority
Emergency vehicles can request green traffic light when approaching an intersection and warn other drivers at the same time, so they can reach their destination much faster.


The V2X communication solutions developed by Commsignia are the ideal choice for automotive OEMs, TIER1s and Road operators. Hardware platforms with integrated V2X software offer a complete solutions for easy and fast V2X deployment. Our portfolio consist of On-board and Roadside units. We also offer customized hardware solutions and V2X development services for deployment projects and OEMs. Software products allow integrators to meet all V2X requirements from Access layer to Applications, including smartphone and tablet tools for maintenance or HMI. Our hardware-agnostic, automotive real-time stack can be scaled and integrated into any platform, supporting all major V2X SoCs providers.

Try out now

Our evaluation kits are now available to show you how connected vehicles of the future will save lives in multiple ways. Our plug and play hardware and software is compatible with every vehicle, while a supplied Android tablet serves as display to the multitude of safety and efficiency applications you can experience on the road.

Why us?

10+ years of C-ITS & V2X experience
ISO standard quality
EU/US standard compatible
Complete HW/SW solutions
HW agnostic solutions
Customization / flexibility
Automotive-compliant (MISRA:C) embedded software
Proprietary security stack

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