Vulnerable Road User Protection

Cities and road operators need innovative solutions to protect pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users at dangerous road sections and intersections. Many VRUs are locked out of the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, as they cannot use V2X devices similar to the on-board units installed in vehicles.

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There are many ways to digitize intersections where complex interactions happen, as almost all different road users can be present at the same time. Protecting VRUs is one of the most important and most challenging goals.

One of our solutions rely on active positioning. Active tags and personal devices help in determining the position of road users in a certain area. This approach was used, for example, in the Secredas project where we identified and measured the position of pedestrians with Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. UWB is already available in high-end smartphones and accessories, and now it’s mostly used to find lost items – keys, other devices and luggages – using our mobile phones at hand.

We have turned things around to use mobile phones at hand to determine the user’s position.

Another method relies on passive positioning. In this case, the key to improve road safety is how the roadside infrastructure perceives the environment. There are many smart sensors already installed in cities and along highways, such as radars, lidars and cameras, which can identify, classify and locate various objects appearing in their field of view. Connecting these smart sensors to Commsignia V2X roadside units allows us to include non-connected road users in the V2X ecosystem, without using active tags and smart personal devices.

Commsignia’s Pedestrian Intersection Movement Assist (P-IMA) application runs on any smart devices and enables non-V2X capable pedestrians to cross an intersection with elevated safety.

The application analyzes the movement of nearby vehicles and gives notifications to the user in case of potentially dangerous situations. The roadside unit (RSU) can also trigger a warning on the on-board unit (OBU) of an approaching vehicle to notify the driver of the possible danger.