A platoon is an autonomous and cooperative group of vehicles driving together while maintaining a minimal following distance. The first car is usually the platoon leader, and sets the inter-vehicle distance, driving speed, and platoon size by utilizing vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technologies. The convoys can allow for increased road capacity, minimized traffic congestion, improved safety, and reduced air drag, resulting in lower fuel consumption and harmful emissions.

Platooning is a set of protocols that manages the joining procedure, the manoeuvring and the splitting of the group, or separating a single vehicle. Ensemble is one of the key projects in this field in Europe, while the Secredas project focuses on making communications more secure.


Our Product

Commsignia supplies roadside and onboard units to builders of digital road infrastructure and automotive OEMs, as well as integrated software to enable V2X connectivity, security and applications.

Benefits of Commsignia Ecosystem

High-performance connected car experience

  • DSRC and C-V2X (PC5) communication interfaces
  • LTE broadband connectivity
  • WLAN, BLE access for smart-devices

V2X Safety

  • Real-time operating system
  • MISRA C, AUTOSAR C++ compliant software
  • EU/US/Chinese trial ??? stack solution
  • ETSI/C2C-CC/SAE/CCSA/ compliance

Trust and Privacy

  •  Trusted Hardware Security Module
  • Secure key exchange for V2X
  • Tamper detection
  • Remote logging and monitoring

Seamless Backend Connectivity

  • Intelligent power supply
  • LTE-broadband connectivity
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Detailed Software API for hardware controls and V2X protocols
  • I/O expander for future applications

Cost-efficient integration

  • Various enclosure and antenna types
  • Internal/Remote logging
  •  Monitoring and power saving via Commsignia System Controller
  •  Internal/Remote positioning module

Development tools

  • RSSI Heatmap analyzer
  • Packet Analyzer
  • V2X sample applications
  • Profiling tools
  • Application debugger

V2X OBU unit

  • Installed in US DOT & EU C-Roads projects
  • SCMS & PKI support
  • Perfect fit for vehicle fleets
  • Secure, reliable and tamper-proof
  • Future-proof setup

V2X RSU unit

  • Dual-channel V2X roadside unit
  • DSRC and C-V2X (PC5) communication interfaces
  • Outdoor weatherproof enclosure
  • Omni-directional or sector antennas available

V2X Software Suite

The Commsignia V2X Software Stack is a flexible embedded solution, developed based on the specification of the ETSI/C2C-CC/SAE/IEEE/CCSA communication architecture. The software stack provides a modular framework and small footprint for various resource-constrained target platforms, supporting Linux and RTOS operating systems.


Why choose Commsignia?

Commsignia specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) including Vehicle-To-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) communication technologies. The founders include respected scientists who have been key contributors to the development of V2X technologies over the past decade, allowing Commsignia to become the fastest growing V2X solution provider on the market.
  • 10+ years of C-ITS & V2X experience
  • EU/US standard compatible
  • HW agnostic solutions
  • Automotive-compliant (MISRA:C) embedded software
  • ISO standard quality
  • Complete HW/SW solutions
  • Customization / flexibility
  • Proprietary security stack
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