How is V2X viewed by Consumers?

Published April 3, 2023

One important question that always pops up when a new technology is introduced is how it will be received by consumers. We are proud to say that we have some good news about vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology: a Commsignia survey looked at how the public would perceive vehicle communication solutions and which transport problems they are most interested in solving.

More than 96% of respondents find V2X useful for improving blind spot warnings. One of the key underlying technologies is the Collaborative Perception Message (CPM), which allows vehicles and infrastructure to share their perceptions. Basically, this allows vehicles to not only rely on their own sensors, but also to be alerted about what the other V2X-enabled vehicle’s sensors have detected.

Consumers also found it very useful that V2X gives priority to first responders – more than 74% agreed with this statement. Installing V2X units on ambulances or fire trucks allows these vehicles to request a green light at connected intersections. First, of course, a V2X roadside unit must be integrated into the traffic light controller.

But why only focus on first responders? Cites are working hard to reduce congestion, and to do that they invest in mass transit, like buses. But buses can only be considered to be a viable alternative to cars if they are not stuck in traffic. All they need is a reliable bus service with good travel times. Traffic Signal Priority allows buses to keep to their timetables without significant delays. Oh, did we mention that less time spent idling at intersections improves fuel efficiency? Studies have shown that too.

Also, over 60 percent of respondents indicated that they are concerned about other road users. Especially pedestrians, bicyclists and other vulnerable road users. V2X is already addressing this issue, either by installing V2X units on bicycles and e-scooters, or by using V2X-enabled roadside sensors to detect non-connected road users and alert nearby drivers.

Download the full whitepaper to find out more about the use of V2X for road safety, and arm yourself with arguments in favor of V2X.


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