Towards Connected Traffic Management

Road traffic management has always been evolving, and with the advent of new technologies like V2X, there are new possibilities that should be looked into.

Published November 2, 2021


Existing road infrastructure is struggling to keep up with the drastic increase in traffic. Moreover, traffic management centers face an ever-growing complexity of problems that involve everything from road safety to environmental pollution, to name a few. These complex situations require that we fully understand their scope so that we can find solutions that work.

The Connected Traffic Management whitepaper focuses on the current and future road bumps (pun intended) for Traffic Management Centers. We take a look at how they currently operate and the changes that can optimize even the most difficult aspects of their operation.

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Aron Kovacs

I have been working as a Research Manager at Commsignia for 2 years. In our R&D center, it is my privilege to manage Smart City related innovations and business development. One of my favorite topics is traffic management and its relation to connected and automated mobility.

I truly believe that V2X must be incorporated into the central infrastructure in order for this ecosystem to cover the entire scale of everyday transport. My experience in this field ranges from developing and operating traffic management systems as well as participating and managing ITS and Cooperative-ITS projects.