Powerful V2X Onboard Unit optimized for micromobility

  • Perfect fit for two-wheelers (E-Bike, E-Scooters, etc.): small size, connectors, duration, power consumption
  • Most critical safety applications – Awareness and Warning notifications
  • Improved and reliable connectivity (DSRC / ETSI-G5, C-V2X / PC5)
  • State-of-the-art GNSS capability
  • Future-proof interfaces (CAN-FD, USB, GPIO, WiFi/BT5/BLE)
  • Easy integration – Single interface connector, using relevant industry standards
  • Secure, reliable hardware design Commsignia V2X SW stack
  • Compliance with the latest VRU standards
Commsignia OBU Lite offers automotive-grade performance and security for bicycles and other micromobility vehicles. The OBU Lite builds on the success of the OB4 hardware unit and the Commsignia V2X Stack used by automotive OEMs and urban fleets worldwide. The OBU Lite’s high-performance application CPU offers a complete solution for bicycle and micromobility OEMs to join the booming V2X ecosystem of cars and take advantage of the V2X infrastructure built up by cities to provide road safety services.


  • DSRC & C-V2X radio
  • State-of-the-art high-precision GNSS module
  • Internal V2X patch antenna
  • Supercap backup for hot start support
  • Built-in buzzer
  • Extended radio coverage with a single unit
  • Complete real-time V2X Stack (ETSI, IEEE, SAE, ISO)


  • CAN-FD integration
  • High frequency GNSS,
  • High precision positioning
  • Evaluation, configuration, maintenance connectivity
  • Local Interface Connector for external system integration (e.g. bike computer)


  • Vehicle-to-Bike / Bike-to-Vehicle Safety Applications
  • Easy-to-use SD
  • APIs available for all V2X layers
  • Multi-level Technical Support
  • Regular Software Upgrades
  • User & Programmer’s guide
  • Compatible with Commsignia solutions out of the box


  • IP67 enclosure
  • Optimized size & design
  • Built-in HSM for V2X


Integrated1x V2X, 1x WiFi/BT/BLE, 1x GNSS


.Single interface connector
.DC power supply
.USB 2.0
.GNSS - Wheel-tick
.Switch ON/OFF

Available V2X Radio Variants

Autotalks Craton 2

High-Precision GNSS module

L1 & L5 multiband
Featuring dead-reckoning (DR) optimized for two-wheelers
Capable of utilizing wheel-tick inputs
RTK capability
Integrated LNA in the RF frontend to support passive antennas
Low power consumption


Embedded HSM


Storage & Operating temperature range:-40 C° - +70 C°
Ingress protectionIP67 enclosure

V2X Integration

Over the years, Commsignia has gained a tremendous amount of experience in deploying and operating V2X onboard units.

  • Participating in deployment and OEM/Tier-1 trials
  • Fusion algorithms for ADAS systems
  • Day1 / Day2 applications
  • Sensor data integration

Complete Ecosystem with V2X Software

The Commsignia V2X Software Stack is a flexible embedded solution developed based on the specification of the ISO / ETSI / IEEE / SAE / C2C-CC communication architecture. The software stack provides a modular framework and small footprint for various resource-constrained target platforms, supporting Linux and RTOS operating systems.

Use Cases
Intersection Movement Assist

Micromobility driver gets a warning if it’s unsafe to enter a stop-controlled or an uncontrolled intersection because of the high probability of colliding with other vehicles.
Right-turn Warning

Micromobility riders are warned if a vehicle in the same lane and direction is about to make a sharp right turn in front of them.
Left-turn Warning

A warning is automatically activated at an intersection if the V2X on-board unit of the micromobility vehicle detects a left-turning car crossing its estimated path.
Backward Collision Warning

In a situation where a car is approaching a micromobility vehicle is traveling in the same lane and direction closely with high speed from behind, the rider gets notification about the upcoming vehicle. The notification helps avoiding accidents by increasing the rider's awareness of nearby vehicles.
Slow Moving Vehicle Ahead

Car is approaching a slow-moving micromobility vehicle which is traveling in the same lane and direction. The car driver gets notification about the possible front-end collision.

Don't forget to
take a look at the
V2X RSU unit too

  • Dual-channel V2X roadside unit
  • DSRC and C-V2X (PC5) communication interfaces
  • Outdoor weatherproof enclosure
  • Omni-directional or sector antennas available


Commsignia’s corporate culture is customer-driven and nurtures continuous improvement. Our independent quality management team works according to Commsignia’s Quality Strategic Milestone Planning. We continuously improve our Quality Management System by applying  state of the art methods, tools, standards and policies to ensure customer satisfaction.


Strategic quality milestone planning
ASPICE framework establishment
ISO26262 compliance preparation
ISO9001 preparation
Project support - Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
General support - Internal assessments/checks

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evaluation kit

We offer evaluation kits to allow our partners to understand how connected vehicles can save lives in multiple ways. Our hardware and software are “plug and play” with every vehicle, so just plug them in, and try different use cases. We also added an Android tablet to the kit making it easier to experience the various applications that increase safety and efficiency on the road.

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Fancy an OEM customization?

We provide OEM customization services, in which both the internal and external properties of the system can be altered.

  • Reference designs for V2X modules
  • Hardware customization
  • Cost optimization
  • V2X Software Stack porting
Contact us now for more details

Fancy an OEM customization?

We provide OEM customization services, in which both the internal and external properties of the system can be altered.

  • Reference designs for V2X modules
  • Hardware customization
  • Cost optimization
  • V2X Software Stack porting
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Why choose Commsignia?

Commsignia specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) including Vehicle-To-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) communication technologies. The founders include respected scientists who have been key contributors to the development of V2X technologies over the past decade, allowing Commsignia to become the fastest growing V2X solution provider on the market.
  • 10+ years of C-ITS & V2X experience
  • EU/US standard compatible
  • HW agnostic solutions
  • Automotive-compliant (MISRA:C) embedded software
  • ISO standard quality
  • Complete HW/SW solutions
  • Customization / flexibility
  • Proprietary security stack
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