Here’s the technology that will make cars 5 stars rated

NCAP has always successfully motivated the car industry to introduce new safety features such as automatic emergency braking and whiplash protection. Now its focus is on vehicle-to-everything, V2X communication, which allows vehicles to communicate with each other and the infrastructure to warn drivers about possible dangers.  According to NCAP’s public roadmap, V2X features will be … Continued

How 2021 will be the year of V2X

As the lockdown seems to be coming to an end, more and more people will start going to work again, and once again the question of how we can make transport more efficient and safer will be burning.  Car manufacturers are also forced to change National authorities have made decisions about supported technologies, making the … Continued

It all started 5 years ago with the Budapest University of Technology

After an exhausting 2020, it’s best to focus on what the future brings, what we can build with the help of talented students. Universities are like life support systems for tech companies such as Commsignia, and we’re proud to have Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) as a key partner in educating future engineers … Continued

Commsignia is a supporting member of the Connected Motorcycle Consortium

Balázs Tóth-Pintér, Communications Specialist By joining the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC) we would like to emphasize the importance of bikers’ safety and acknowledge the careful attention bikers need in the C-ITS world. From a safety point of view, motorcycles are special players in the traffic. The bike itself is a motorized vehicle, just like cars. … Continued

EU’s Smart Mobility Strategy offers huge opportunities for C-ITS

“Digital technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way we move, making our mobility smarter, more efficient, and also greener”  – that’s what Adina Vălean, Commissioner for Transport said about the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy published by the European Commission on 10th December 2020. It was timely to set bold goals in the area … Continued

Welcome C-V2X, farewell DSRC in the US!

What a turbulent November during the lockdown! Right after the US voted for its next president, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted for a redo on the 5,9 GHz band. They gave away a 45 MHz wide chunk of spectrum to internet users. While it’s good for the gigabit society, the narrowed band is less … Continued

On the C-Roads again with Magyar Közút

It’s always a pleasure to write about a project in our home country, especially with world-class partners like Magyar Közút, the Hungarian road operator. Traffic optimization and vulnerable road users (VRU) safety was their main goal with this V2X project, or as they recently stated, digitalization of roads is not the target in itself, but … Continued

Green light for safety on Virginia roads

Imagine yourself in your car. Do you feel the comfortable seat, the refreshing air conditioning, hear that great sound system? Now imagine yourself driving in the morning traffic, trying to catch every single green light to get there in time, avoiding road works on the way.  Different image, huh?  This is exactly where high tech … Continued

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