High performance V2X enabled roadside unit with edge computing

  • Edge computing
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Sensor fusion with existing
    ITS sensors
  • Interoperable with all major vendors globally
  • Minimized TCO with
    durable design
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved performance
    (DSRC / ETSI-G5, C-V2X)
  • Reduced deployment cost
Designed for Cooperative ITS deployments, the fourth generation ITS-RS4 from Commsignia is the ultimate V2X communication solution for roadside applications and future edge computing solutions. The platform combines a high-performance application CPU with a real-time V2X software stack and radio interfaces with the ability to connect new sensors along the road. Enhanced security solutions, an IP66/IP67 enclosure, and Industrial-grade design offer a professional solution for equipment operators and makes TMC integration easy and secure.


  • Powerful application CPU
  • Pedestrian safety
  • Embedded Commsignia V2X Stack
  • Available Software Upgrades
  • IP67 Enclosure and connectors
  • Wide range of wired and wireless interfaces
  • Sensor fusion with camera, radar, LiDAR


  • Remote Management Tool
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Remote logging
  • Statistics and Reports
  • Various TMC interfaces (DATEX II, NTCIP, etc.)


  • Dual-channel operation
  • Extended radio coverage with a single unit
  • Complete Real-Time V2X Stack
  • Available with Autotalks, NXP, Marvell, or Qualcomm 9150 V2X chipset


  • Tamper protected, Supervised system/housing
  • Easy and secure remote configuration
  • Support for future security upgrades
  • Cryptographic Acceleration (HSM) for V2X
  • Tamper-proof certificate storage (HSM)


  • Software Development Kit: Linux and RTOS available for normal and time-critical application development
  • 4-level technical customer support
  • User & Programmer’s guide
  • Available APIs: native C/remote C/remote Java/remote ASN.1
  • Sample applications

Core Features

CPU800MHz Freescale/NXP i.MX 6
OSLinux / RTOS (V2X)
Flash4 GB eMMc
StorageDual micro SD Card slot
Ethernet10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet PoE
External I/OGPIO
Power supply802.3at (passive PoE) (surge and reverse polarity protected)
Backup power10s Store & Shutdown
PositioningAdvanced GNSS
WifiDual band a/b/g/n
BluetoothBLE 5.0
Cellular4G / LTE


- dimensions
1xWLAN, 2xC-V2X, 1xLTE/4G, 2xDSRC, 1xGNSS, 1xBLE
DSRC/LTE/C-V2X / WiFi: 178mm x Ø22mm
GPS dome antenna: 64mm x Ø55mm
Data1 x ETH
Other1 x monocolor LED

Available V2X Radio Variants

Autotalks Secton (802.11p DSRC, 3GPP r14/r15 PC5)
Qualcomm 9150 (3GPP r14 PC5)


Hardware Security Module (e-HSM) Autotalks Secton
ECDSA verification (> 2000 verifications), ECDSA encryption (< 50 usec signing delay)
NIST and Brainpool verification, encryption
Secure boot, encrypted storage, tamper proof system
EAL6+ certified and available with up to 1MBof secure SOLID FLASH
ARM TrustZone including the TZ architecture


ProtecionNEMA4X - IP67, vibration proofwaterproof outdoor enclosure
Mountpole and wall mountable
Dimensions(W x H x D) 227mm x 90mm x 257mm
Weight: 2560g
Temperature range:-40°C to +65°C

V2X Integration

Over the years, Commsignia gained a tremendous amount of advantage and experience in V2X on-board unit deployment and operation

  • Participating in deployment and OEM/Tier-1 trials
  • Fusion algorthms for ADAS systems
  • Day1 / Day2 applications
  • Sensor data integration

Complete Ecosystem with V2X Software

The Commsignia V2X Software Stack is a flexible embedded solution that is developed based on the specification of the ISO / ETSI / IEEE / SAE / C2C-CC communication architecture, providing a modular framework and small footprint for various resource-constrained target platforms, supporting Linux and RTOS operating systems.

Intersection priority

Emergency vehicles can request green traffic light when approaching an intersection and warn other drivers at the same time, so they can reach their destination much faster.
Green Light Optimized Speed Advice

Signal Phase and Timing messages help vehicles to calculate a speed to be maintained in order to have a green light in the next intersection.
Adverse Weather Warning

Provide warnings to road users about harsh weather conditions that might call for action.
Vulnerable Road User

A safety application warning drivers that there’s a pedestrian in front of them in the lane.
Intersection geometry

Map Data Messages send information about an intersection’s lanes directions.
Wrong Way Entry

Warns the driver about entering a lane the wrong way.

Don't forget to
check the
V2X OBU unit too

  • Dual-channel V2X roadside unit
  • DSRC and C-V2X (PC5) communication interfaces
  • Outdoor weatherproof enclosure
  • Omni-directional or sector antennas available


Commsignia’s corporate culture is customer-driven and nurtures continuous improvement. Our independent quality management team works according to Commsignia’s Quality Strategic Milestone Planning. We continuously improve our Quality Management System by applying  state of the art methods, tools, standards and policies to ensure customer satisfaction.


Strategic quality milestone planning
ASPICE framework establishment
ISO26262 compliance preparation
ISO9001 preparation
Project support - Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
General support - Internal assessments/checks

Try our
evaluation kit

We offer evaluation kits to allow our partners to understand how connected vehicles can save lives in multiple ways. Our hardware and software are “plug and play” with every vehicle, so just plug them in, and try different use cases. We also added an Android tablet to the kit to making it easier to experience the various applications that increase safety and efficiency on the road.

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Fancy an OEM customization?

We provide OEM customization services, in which both the internal and external properties of the system can be altered.

  • Reference designs for V2X modules
  • Hardware customization
  • Cost optimization
  • Porting of the V2X Software Stack
Contact us now for more details

Fancy an OEM customization?

We provide OEM customization services, in which both the internal and external properties of the system can be altered.

  • Reference designs for V2X modules
  • Hardware customization
  • Cost optimization
  • Porting of the V2X Software Stack
Contact us now for more details

Why choose Commsignia?

Commsignia specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) including Vehicle-To-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) communication technologies. The founders include respected scientists who have been key contributors to the development of V2X technologies over the past decade, allowing Commsignia to become the fastest growing V2X solution provider on the market.
  • 10+ years of C-ITS & V2X experience
  • EU/US standard compatible
  • HW agnostic solutions
  • Automotive-compliant (MISRA:C) embedded software
  • ISO standard quality
  • Complete HW/SW solutions
  • Customization / flexibility
  • Proprietary security stack
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