V2X Software Stack

The Commsignia V2X Software Stack is a global, powerful, secured, flexible, and embedded solution. It provides a modular framework and small footprint for various resource-constrained target platforms, based on Linux and RTOS operating systems. Proven OmniAir, C2C-CC, C-Roads, CAICT compliance.


Integrated V2X security

The V2X Communication and Security stack includes Commsignia proprietary security solution for all regions.

  • Security stack
  • SCMS/PKI integrations
  • Highly optimized resource consumption

Automotive quality and interoperability

Commsignia’s complete V2X Software Suite including the V2X Communication and Security Stack as well as the Filtering, Aggregation and Fusion platforms, adheres to automotive quality standards and best practices. Commsignia guarantees seamless interoperability both with other solutions and infrastructure systems.

  • MISRA:C and AUTOSAR C++ coding standards
  •  Automotive SPICE compliant processes
  • Automotive test strat

Highly-optimized resource consumption

The resource consumption of the Commsignia Software Suite is highly optimized to reduce the BOM cost and ensure more room on the ECU for future feature additions.

  • Low CPU consumption
  • Low memory consumption

Worldwide ITS standards

The V2X Communication and Security stack supports standards and directives defined by ETSI, ISO, IEEE, SAE, CAICT, CAICV, CCSA, as well as the profiles of C2C-CC, C-Roads, NISSTC to ensure worldwide interoperability and the flexibility of cooperative ITS communication protocols.

  • Global solution
  • Interoperability
  • Conformance

Seamless integration

The V2X stack developed by Commsignia comes with developer friendly API features and tools to ease the development and integration process to any hardware platform.

  • Clear, straightforward, easy to use API
  • Flexible configuration
  • Modular architecture
  • Development and testing tools

Application development framework

Start application development straight  away, without having to worry about platform dependent issues, the host CPU and operating system of your choice. API bindings are available for multiple platforms. Implement your custom Cooperative ITS application with only a few lines of code.

  • Region and message independent
  • Object-based
  • Ready-to-use data filters
  • Multiple platforms

Powerful filtering and aggregation

The Commsignia application development framework provides an object-based interface for both vehicular objects and traffic information to provide a powerful, global V2X application development experience. The pre-integrated filters provided ensure quick and flexible application development

  • Vehicular objects
  • Traffic information
  • Global
  • Pre-integrated filters

Cooperative perception sharing

Commsignia’s Software Suite includes an out-of-the-box perception sharing solution with easy sensor integration capabilities. With perception sharing the system actively contributes to reducing the number and size of blindspots and integrating unconnected vehicles into the connected vehicle infrastructure

  • Sensor integration
  • Perception sharing

Cooperative perception fusion

The filtering and aggregation framework integrates and fuses the received perception of other vehicles. It increases information quality and the accuracy of existing objects. The result is a solid and clear environmental model for ADAS applications

  • Perception fusion
  • Increased information quality
  • Increased quality
  • Environmental model for ADAS applications


Commsignia’s corporate culture is customer-driven and nurtures continuous improvement. Our independent quality management team works according to Commsignia’s Quality Strategic Milestone Planning. We continuously improve our Quality Management System by applying  state of the art methods, tools, standards and policies to ensure customer satisfaction.


Strategic quality milestone planning
ASPICE framework establishment
ISO26262 compliance preparation
ISO9001 preparation
Project support - Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)
General support - Internal assessments/checks

For Investors

Why invest in V2X? Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) is a technology that allows vehicles to communicate with the moving parts of the traffic system around them. Also known as connected-vehicle-to-everything communication, it has several components. The V2X market is relatively nascent, and many of the system’s benefits will not be fully realized until the market expands. In order for a V2X vehicle to communicate with another vehicle or roadside object, that object must also use V2X technology.

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Commsignia offers a wide variety of connected car solutions, from a compact V2X module (DSRC/C-V2X) to an integrated connected car router with LTE broadband and WiFi access, making it a universal accessory for connected vehicles.

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Why choose Commsignia?

Commsignia specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) including Vehicle-To-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) communication technologies. The founders include respected scientists who have been key contributors to the development of V2X technologies over the past decade, allowing Commsignia to become the fastest growing V2X solution provider on the market.
  • 10+ years of C-ITS & V2X experience
  • EU/US standard compatible
  • HW agnostic solutions
  • Automotive-compliant (MISRA:C) embedded software
  • ISO standard quality
  • Complete HW/SW solutions
  • Customization / flexibility
  • Proprietary security stack
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