What the conversation between cars and city roads should be about

Each new car is smarter than the previous ones, and we have the technology to make the evolution of automated driver assistant systems beneficial for all road users. Some automakers, for example, have decided to implement full self-driving in their vehicles using only cameras, making driver assistance technologies more affordable and accessible. Others use different sensors, such as lidars and radars, in addition to cameras. Commsignia supports both approaches, and we believe that our vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology can help reduce the substantial cost of on-board sensors without compromise. 

At the Connected Vehicle USA 2022 conference in Detroit, Commsignia CRO Szabolcs Patay will talk about how V2X can make several vehicles, even the entire traffic, detectable without having sensors or V2X communication in every single car.

Our solution on display at the exhibition is also based on a single camera and a V2X on-board unit that detects pedestrians – the participants of the exhibition – demonstrating that the system builds up the reality of the vehicle’s environment from a combination of sensors and V2X messages. When the driver gets into a potentially dangerous situation, a warning is displayed on the instrument panel.

It may seem that V2X is not just about cars. The ecosystem has seen spectacular growth in many areas. Cities are using V2X to improve the journey times of their fleets, whether it’s buses, fire trucks or snow plows. Bicycle manufacturers have also joined V2X with Commsignia to improve road safety for people on two wheels. Whatever traffic participant is in focus, each V2X solution has a piece of software to be built into vehicles. At the end of the day, V2X is for cars: to ensure the smooth flow of traffic, driver comfort and safety.

Don’t miss a chance to see our demo at Connected Vehicle USA 2022!