Germany prepares for self driving shuttles

Technical supervisors, sitting in comfortable offices, will take over the self driving shuttles in case of issues.

Published May 28, 2021

An important bill was passed in the Bundestag last week that allows self driving shuttles – more specifically level 4 autonomous vehicles on public roads, predicting that over time we can really say goodbye to the steering wheel. While personal cars are still not allowed to be driven fully by a computer, self driving shuttles and logistics trucks can drive the streets without a human operator on board. 

Starting in 2022, self-driving in Germany will be geographically limited to certain areas, and the law also contains safeguards. What is particularly interesting from Commsignia’s point of view is that the bill introduces a new legal concept, the technical supervisor. 

Welcome tele-operated driving

According to the bill, a natural person with liabilities related to driving should always be available to deactivate the self-driving vehicle in case of issues. We are talking about a human being who can access, stop and restart the vehicle from a remote location. 

Self-driving fleet operator companies will have to be sure that the vehicles are not only connected to a network, but the operators receive real-time information from the vehicles and they can intervene immediately.

We at Commsignia develop products related to self-driving and vehicle communication. We also have experiences with driverless vehicles: in Las Vegas our V2X roadside units help a robotaxi fleet to navigate the busy streets.

Take a look at our video from Las Vegas, and reach out for our experts for more information.