On the C-Roads again with Magyar Közút

It’s always a pleasure to write about a project in our home country, especially with world-class partners like Magyar Közút, the Hungarian road operator. Traffic optimization and vulnerable road users (VRU) safety was their main goal with this V2X project, or as they recently stated, digitalization of roads is not the target in itself, but a means for drivers to make informed decisions instead of intuitive ones. From now on, I’ll translate Magyar Közút as Hungarian Roads for better reading.

Published November 26, 2020

Hungarian Roads started this pioneering work years ago, providing VRU safety at road constructions as early as 2015.

They already covered the M1 Highway between Budapest and the Austrian border and the M0 ring around Budapest, putting Commsignia’s roadside units (RSU) on variable-message boards and emergency call boxes along the route. Hungarian Roads plans to cover the M7 and M70 highway too, from Budapest to the Slovenian border. 

All in all Hungarian Roads have 27 roadside units on fixed locations and 20 other units are on vehicles carrying workers to the road construction sites, so it’s easy to send warnings where it’s really needed. These V2X-enabled roads are important east-west transit corridors and the deployment is part of the European C-Roads Platform.

In Győr city Hungarian Roads installed RSUs at 10 intersections along one of the main roads, V2X messages show the time until the traffic lights turn green, very useful. It may seem like green light information is only good for the drivers, but it also helps to reduce congestion and air pollution as it can help V2X-enabled cars to get through the green lights smoothly by choosing the right speed. Speeding up is one of the most polluting part of driving, especially for sluggish trucks and buses.

Commsignia’s roadside units were integrated into Hungarian Roads’ traffic management system in a way that it can generate standard V2X messages, so any vehicle passing by with a compatible onboard unit can get useful information from the V2X traffic management system. The same messages other drivers can only see on the message boards and by looking at the lights.

Just can’t wait to get on the road again,
with V2X-enabled cars.