Our newest release:
“The V2X files” video series

Published February 4, 2022

We’re premiering a “The V2X files” video series today! Although V2X is a mature technology that has begun to be used worldwide, many of our customers and partners are interested in the details. So we start this new series to show where they can get using Commsignia’s V2X solutions.

The format for the whole series is pretty straightforward: two of our experts sit down in front of the camera in our office and questions pop up on a monitor. The questions are then answered briefly and we move on to the next one.

Since one episode can contain many questions, we marked each question in the timeline of the video. This makes it easier to find any question you might have or even skip over any parts you might already be familiar with.

Nonetheless, we highly recommend you share your questions with us about business models, technologies and the deployments. This helps us answer you in the next episodes. Feel free to do that in the description of the video or even here in the comments section. We will gather up all the questions and group them according to the general theme they belong to. We then create the new episode with the new questions, so stay tuned!

In the first episode, which premieres February 4, at 16:00 CET, we start with easier topics in the first part, but then we quickly get to the question in the title about how V2X will be the ultimate and perhaps the only type of sensor in a city. In the upcoming episodes we will be covering vulnerable road user safety (VRU safety), automotive revenue opportunities, and many other topics. Listen to the V2X-files – the truth is out there, in this and the upcoming videos.