World Car Free Day and fuel efficiency go hand in hand

Published September 22, 2022

Today is World Car Free Day, and we are proud to support efforts to make all modes of transport more equal and improve fuel efficiency. Our technology, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication, is designed to do just that.

We all enjoy car-free days, when festivals, family events, cyclists and pedestrians take over the roads in cities. All this reminds us that the streets used to be a place of community life, and that we didn’t just pass through them on our way to distant destinations. Feeling safe and secure is a prerequisite for community life, and Commsignia wants to help make this happen.

It’s important to add that it’s easy to think of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology as car-centric, but in fact we’re trying to involve every single road user in the V2X ecosystem. Besides vehicles, V2X provides improved road safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and micromobility.

V2X helps road users be aware they are sharing the road with others.

Although cars stop for this one day, there are some vehicles that need to be on the road at all times. One example is public transport, where V2X helps to ensure smooth journeys.

If buses have to stop less often at traffic lights because V2X gives them a clear path through the intersection, their fuel consumption is significantly reduced and they emit fewer pollutants.

Goods trucks also need to keep moving. Advanced V2X applications such as platooning help freight trucks travel very close together with minimal drag.

Vehicle communications coordinate huge vehicles for better fuel efficiency

It is worth noting that the initiative for a car-free world day was originally triggered by the 1973 oil crisis, and today there are again serious fuel supply problems. Climate change and emissions are also issues that are being addressed by cities and transport managers around the world. 

V2X is here to help address these issues and move us towards a more efficient, safer and cleaner world.