Commsignia Announces Achieving EU RED certification for its RSU and OBU product

Commsignia’s C-V2X ITS OB-4 onboard units and ITS RS-4 roadside units have acquired the certificate of the European Radio Emissions Directive, a significant step towards the widespread penetration of V2X technology.

Published January 8, 2020

Only products holding the EU RED certification are permitted to be marketed in the European Union, therefore it is a crucial milestone for V2X products to be deployed. During the certification process, the conformity of the V2X products is examined in 4 different aspects: radio spectrum, EMC, safety, and health.



Executive President and Chief Technology Officer / Founder

It was a complex process, and we are so proud to have completed it, it allows us to get one step closer to turning our vision into a reality: making transportation safer and more sustainable with the use of V2X technology. We look forward to contribute to exciting European projects with our fourth generation products.

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The ITS-RS4 roadside units

The ITS-RS4 acts as a local hub for sensor data exchange as well as a service/application platform that can be used to enhance the safety of all road users and help optimize traffic management. It gathers information from the surrounding environment such as traffic cameras, traffic light controllers, sensors and V2X connected vehicles – cars, motor-cycles and even bicycles. A powerful Deep Neural Network / GPU accelerated Artificial Intelligence processor creates a real-time representation of the information to create a dynamic model of the environment.

The ITS-OB4 onboard units

The fourth generation of Commsignia’s vehicular connectivity system offers superior performance coupled with V2X Software stack. The unit provides low-cost and easy OEM / aftermarket integration, offering built in Tamper-proof Hardware Security Module, CAN, high range V2X radio and easy HMI integration. By combining the benefits of automotive grade design, high performance application CPU and dual channel V2X radio performance, the ITS-OB4 offers a professional, complete and future proof solution.