Commsignia Changes Leadership Set-up

Published February 20, 2023

Global leader in V2X technology announced a rearranging of roles within its top leadership to strengthen foundations for rapid growth and scaling.

20 February, Santa Clara, California – 11-years-old Commsignia, the largest company fully dedicated to V2X technology announced the reallocation of key roles within its top management.

Laszlo Virag, who has been fulfilling the CEO role since the passing of Jozsef Kovacs in late 2021, will shift focus onto strategic leadership, investor relations and creating the company vision as Executive President and CTO. The CEO role will be taken on by co-founder Szabolcs (Szabi) Patay, whose main focus will be on company management and growth execution. He has been with the company since its first days, and lately he has been working as Chief Revenue Officer.

The goal of the reorganization is the optimal allocation of tasks, providing a solid foundation for the rapid growth the company is experiencing.

 “With the growth of the company, we want to make sure that proper focus is given to both the long term vision and the daily operations. I’m positive the new setup perfectly serves this goal, and both my and Szabi’s abilities are leveraged in the best possible way” – Laszlo Virag comments. 

I could not be more excited to step into this role, and am looking forward to facing a bigger share of the responsibility in creating a harmonic working environment ensuring high performance, that helps Commsignia maintain its leading role in the industry. I’m really proud of all the results we’ve accomplished in the past years, of the exceptional team we have built up, and all the challenges we have come across – I’m eager to continue this work.” – Szabolcs Patay comments.