Commsignia leads micromobility work in Car2Car Consortium

Following the rapid uptake of connected cars with Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) road safety features, the Car2Car Communication Consortium extends its safety application standardization work to micromobility devices and services.

Published January 12, 2023

At the initiative of Commsignia and under the coordination of the company’s Innovation Manager Aron Kovács, a new working group has been set up to profile e-bike specific safety applications and create a comprehensive profile for them, in collaboration with industry contributors such as Bosch and AutoTalks.

The organization recognised the growing role of micromobility on public roads, both in urban and rural environments, and that these lighter and vulnerable vehicles can benefit from V2X technology in the same way as cars. In many of the accidents involving cyclists and other vulnerable road users, the driver’s failure to see them in time is an important factor.

Two-wheelers are special participants in traffic because they can easily disappear in blind spots and move around quickly with unparalleled dynamism. Although their smaller size means that they can fit alongside another vehicle in the same lane, in many places there is legislation on the distance that other motorized vehicles must keep from them.

The threats they face are different, which explains the need to create specific V2X apps.

The E-bike Profiling and Go To Market Working Group welcomes new members from within C2C, but also from outside the organization to help move forward e-bike safety solutions in the V2X ecosystem.