Introducing Commsignia Central for data-driven traffic management

Commsignia, the largest company dedicated to vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solutions, launched Commsignia Central today to help cities and road operators digitize road infrastructure and operate roadside equipment.

Published August 10, 2021

Cities and road operators use V2X technologies to improve traffic conditions, reduce air pollution, broadcast useful information to traffic participants, and support self-driving vehicles. Growing V2X infrastructure places an extra burden on users and various stakeholders as it generates more data than what a legacy Traffic Management System could handle. Commsignia Central is a device and data manager platform that aims to solve this through automation and providing the ability to operate complex services. It offers a clear overview of what’s happening within the V2X enabled Intelligent Transportation System infrastructure, including roadside units, edge devices, and other smart sensors, so operators can focus on making the road network more efficient.

Commsignia Central stores, processes, and visualizes traffic information enabling data-based decision making. The software helps users maintain a consistently high level of service with smart features continuously monitoring the health and performance of V2X devices and with incident reports that help them respond quickly. All information is available in a central location reducing the number of maintenance trips, thereby cutting operating costs.

Message like a pro

With Commsignia Central broadcasting information becomes simple and completely transparent. Operators get an easy-to-use tool to automate these processes. The platform’s dashboard displays real-time feedback about message transactions so operators can always be sure that the messages have reached their destination.

“Talking to traffic participants is an increasingly complex task and stakeholders need to be prepared for the growth of self-driving vehicles and various micro-mobility services, all of which need to exchange significant amounts of data to safely co-exist with other road users. Our V2X technology will be key to making more precise, automated, and secure traffic management decisions.” – says Jozsef Kovacs, CEO of Commsignia.

Commsignia develops and produces equipment and software for cities and highways to help them build new connected, intelligent transport solutions or improve existing infrastructure. The Commsignia roadside platform processes and merges information coming from various sensors and cameras for better traffic efficiency and to protect road users including pedestrians and users of micro-mobility services. The Commsignia onboard unit provides vehicles with intelligence and the ability to cooperate, connecting them to each other and the infrastructure.