On the way to Pan-European Interoperability

Commsignia and Autotalks achieve Robust Results on C-Roads Cross-border V2X tests in Europe

Published February 18, 2021

Commsignia today announced the successful completion of C-Roads cross-border testing in Austria and France at the end of 2020, proving that Commsignia’s ITS-G5 V2X solutions, the RS4 roadside unit (RSU) and OB4 on-board unit (OBU) using Autotalks V2X radios with verification acceleration and embedded HSM Hardware Security Module are fully compliant with the pan-European C-Roads project specifications for ITS-G5 communications. The results show the maturity and interoperability of the Autotalks chipset and the complete Commsignia HW&SW solution and enables European customers to ramp up deployment volumes.

In addition to the C-Roads tests, the units are certified against the EU Radio Equipment Directive (EU RED).

Commsignia’s RS4 RSUs and OB4 OBUs are already OmniAir certified, regular participants on ETSI Plugtest events for interoperability and the units are fully compliant with all European V2X standards. The dual technology, DSRC / C-V2X, capability of the units ensure the support of both ITS-G5/DSRC and C-V2X technologies, enabling deployments regardless of regional preferences.

Commsignia V2X solutions are already delivered to more than 25 countries globally. In the various deployments Commsignia proved its competence in complete V2X security, SCMS/PKI integration and secure interoperability with devices from other vendors. The Commsignia OBUs and RSUs run Commsignia’s own automotive grade V2X software stack, security stack and applications.

The Commsignia automotive grade V2X stack, security stack and applications are also available for automotive OEMs and Tier-1s planning to line fit their vehicles with V2X functionality



Executive President and Chief Technology Officer / Founder

We are very proud of the interoperability test results showing our AutoTalks chipset based V2X OBUs and RSUs with the Commsignia V2X software are fit for mass deployments on the European market in terms of maturity, interoperability and security. The V2X software suite is also part of our automotive software product line, tailored to OEM mass production requirements. Commsignia projects in more than 25 countries prove that our solution meets the highest expectations of our customers.

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About C-Roads Platform

C-Roads is a joint program of European Member States’ authorities and road operators for harmonising, testing and implementing C-ITS services C-ITS. The initiative’s goal is to ensure the cross-border interoperability of services for road users.

About Autotalks

Autotalks ( is a V2X chipset market pioneer and leader, providing customers worldwide with state-of-the-art V2X solutions. Autotalks helps reduce collisions on roadways and improve mobility with its automotive qualified chipsets. The chipsets offer the most advanced, truly secure and highest performing global V2X communication solution designed for autonomous vehicles. Autotalks’ advanced technology, to be mass deployed in the coming years, complements the information coming from other sensors, specifically in non-line-of-sight scenarios, rough weather, or poor lighting conditions. It significantly improves overall road safety, effectively coordinating vehicles, self-driving cars, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

About Commsignia

Commsignia is the market’s most dynamic V2X company thanks to its cutting-edge technology and market ready portfolio. Commsignia specializes in Connected Car / V2X “Safer on the Road” software and hardware products compatible with IEEE 802.11p standards and DSRC and future Cellular V2X (C-V2X) / 5G technologies. Commsignia is helping to build the next generation autonomous car and smart mobility ecosystem that will make driving safer whilst reducing congestion and lowering emissions. Commsignia supplies best-in-class V2X (Car2X) Communication Software, hybrid V2X /ADAS Applications with robust PKI and SCMS security, a V2X SDK as well as OnBoard (OBU) and Roadside Units (RSU) for connected car and Smart City deployments.

V2X vehicle deployments in Europe are expected to accelerate now that V2X was included in the EuroNCAP 2025 roadmap. V2X infrastructure plays an important part of the European strategy, providing an instant improvement in road-safety. The mature Autotalks chipset proved again the compliance with all the European regulations for deployment in vehicles and infrastructure. Our long-standing and successful cooperation with Commsignia is the baseline for a high-performing and secure solution – Yuval Lachman, VP of Business Development EU & US