Welcoming C-V2X in the United States after FCC’s ruling

Published November 25, 2020

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) fundamentally changed the vehicle communications (C-ITS) market in the US by restructuring the 5.9 GHz band. The industry must go forward on a narrowed spectrum with Cellular V2X or C-V2X technology instead of the widely used Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC). The changes announced pave the way for progress, eliminating the uncertainty caused by competing technologies.

Commsignia has always been supporting both C-V2X and DSRC and is well prepared to help the US market go down this newly designated path. Road operators and cities can focus on their primary missions, saving lives and making transportation more efficient, while we at Commsignia deliver the best technologies and services needed to achieve these goals.

For those who have DSRC systems up and running we’re ensuring a smooth transition to C-V2X. Those who use our dual-mode equipment are in a unique position to solve this problem with a mere software upgrade at no significant cost. Our C-V2X offer includes ITS-RS4-M ver:C roadside units (RSU) for cities and road operators and ITS-OB4-M ver:C onboard units (OBU) for fleets to deploy V2X services in the US.

We’re participating in setting up the C-V2X certification processes with OmniAir to rigorously test our devices because standardization and certification is in our corporate DNA.



Executive President and Chief Technology Officer / Founder

This is a significant milestone for the industry, and we believe that with the uncertainty removed from the industry, deployments will speed up allowing V2X technology to take off.

However with this change various customers are facing the need to switch from their existing devices to C-V2X. For this we provide assistance and specialized solutions, to make sure this transition period is a smooth experience for all involved: decisionmakers, operators, and those using the technology day by day.

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If you already have C-ITS infrastructure or want to build one, we invite you to join our webinar where we deep dive in FCC’s ruling and the future of this market. Laszlo Virag will talk about the impacts of FCC’s decision and how Commsignia supports building C-V2X infrastructure or upgrading an existing one. 

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Details of FCC’s November 18, 2020 decision:

The FCC allocated 45 MHz of the 5,9 GHz band to unlicensed devices, vehicle communication remained on the upper 30 MHz. C-ITS users have to vacate this lower part of the band within one year of the effective date of the First Report and Order, and leave behind DSRC within 2 years in the remaining band designated to C-ITS.